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  • Old Series Trademark No. 0707

    [Three Heads of Barley]

    Date: 1881

  • Old Series Trademark No. 1435b


    Date: 1886

  • McCarthy Album 11, Photograph 189

    Caption: "U.S. Capitol Building in the distance. View Taken from the Washington Monument. Washington, D.C. July 27, 1934." Bird's eye view of a portion of the National Mall, between the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol Building.

    Date: 7/27/1934

  • Old Series Trademark No. 0375

    Joseph Gustav Sichel's Life Tonic

    Date: 1876

  • Old Series Trademark No. 1064

    Brust Caramels

    Date: 1883

  • Old Series Trademark No. 3391


    Date: 1899

  • McCarthy Album 07, Photograph 206

    Caption: "Street Scene-Los Angeles," c. 1915. Shows an unidentified busy street scene in Los Angeles.

    Date: 1915

  • Najoque or Nojoguez Rancho

    Hand-drawn sketch map of Najoque or Nojoguez boundaries. Volume 2, page 79.

    Date: 1842

  • "Social Implications of Mass Evacuation"

    Unrevised transcript of forum discussion regarding effect of relocation; Speakers: Carey McWilliams, Leonard Corwin, Raymond Booth, John Abrams

    Date: April 13, 1942

  • Old Series Trademark No. 1234

    Mount Carmel, Mount Carmel Red Cross

    Date: 1885